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Among the unverified legends about the erstwhile hotel, and one that is popular among its tenants is the one about how the restaurant did not allow entry to Indians, including Jamsetji Tata, leading him to build the Taj Mahal Hotel at Apollo Bunder in From being a cultural landmark in Bombay in s, the building, recognised by UNESCO as a Grade II-A heritage structure, has been in the middle of litigation since the last decade in a bid to carry out repairs to it urgently and to restore it to its past glory from its current decrepit condition.

Esplanade Welfare Association joint secretary B M Gill claims that the notice was withdrawn within a month after a structural audit showed that the building was not in a dangerous condition as claimed, but in urgent need of repairs.

In management job too, such skill is necessary in a various issues concerning management. Ketu in 4th, Jupiter in 7th and Saturn in 9th from AK. Moon itself is the AK. Karakamsa lagna in Gemini joined with Saturn. Mercury in 2 nd to Karakamsa. Saturn is AK.

Pride of the Nation: Ratan Tata

Moon- AK in axis. Mercury, Venus and Sun in 10th from AK. Karakamsa in Gemini. Jupiter in 5th and Mercury and Venus in 2nd to Karakamsa. Moon in axis with AK. Saturn in 7th while Jupiter is by itself the AK. Moon as AK. Jupiter in 10 th and Saturn in 2nd.

Nayak With Sanjeev Srivastava - Jamsetji Tata (Tata Group)

Karakamsa in Sagittarius. Jupiter and Mercury in 2 nd, Sun in 9th and Saturn in 5th from Karakamsa.

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Sun ensured Government contacts. Note the debility of Saturn in no way affected the growth as it is in 5 th from Karakamsa. Jupiter in 7th and Saturn in 9th from AK. Moon on axis with AK. Mercury and Moon in axis with Karakamsa. Saturn and Jupiter in 5th and Ketu in 4th from Karakamsa. Note Saturn is in debility but did not affect the labour relationship as it is in 5 th from Karakamsa. Venus in 9th from karakamsa lagna and 7th from the 7th lord from karakamsa.

Jamsetji Tata

Gaja Kesari also happening in 7 th house to AK. Moon and Ketu in 7th and Saturn in 9th to AK. Karakamsa in Leo with lord Sun in exaltation in the 9 th. Jupiter and Moon conjunct with Karakamsa. Venus in 2nd Saturn in 5th and Mercury in 2nd to Saturn, the 7th lord from Karakamsa. Saturn is the AK and conjunct with Venus. Karakamsa in Gemini and conjunct with Mars and Venus. Mercury in 2 nd. Moon in 7th from Jupiter, the 7th lord from Karakamsa. Not many features as discussed above are seen. It may be because he is more an inventor than a Management person.

Venus is the AK. Jupiter and Ketu in 7 th from AK. Saturn in axis with AK.

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  • Moon in a quadrant from AK. Saturn and Jupiter in the 7 th and Sun in the 2nd. People with MBA degree in management position. A total of 15 horoscopes were collected of MBA graduates who are in medium or high level management in private companies or in own business.

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    The inputs derived from the above discussion were applied on their charts and analysed. The birth details of the 15 charts are given below. For the purpose of privacy, the lagna and moon sign are given instead of time and place of birth. Seven major factors were checked in all these horoscopes. They are presented in the table below. The first factor is Sun mercury conjunction or Nipuna Yoga. Yes denotes the presence of the factor and No denotes absence of it.

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    In the case of Karakamsa lagna, Yes denotes any common sign. Where it is different the name of karakamsa sign is given. It can be seen that Taurus is predominant among other signs. It is also seen that only 8 out of 15 horoscopes have Karakamsa in a common sign.

    Man of steel with charitable heart: Tribute to Jamshedji Tata on his death anniversary

    Among them only S. No: 9 having Leo as Karakamsa is earning less than 10 lakhs per annum. Others are making more than double of it. Other predominant factors are presence of Nipuna Yoga and presence of Jupiter and Moon in favourable axis from Atmakaraka as told in Jaimini Sutras. Of the 15 charts only one had all the points present. That is S. No: 6. The native of this chart is the Director of an overseas operation handling human resources. He is highly successful and this is confirmed from the presence of many features as found in celebrity CEO charts.

    No: 7. This native had specialised in finance in MBA. He quit his job and started his own company which is yet to pick up. No: 2. In , he started a new cotton mill in Nagpur, naming it Empress Mill , to honor Queen Victoria, who was called the Empress of India. Jamsetji Tata had many big goals for his life, including setting up iron and steel companies, creating learning institution and creating a unique hotel. The hotel was inaugurated in , and at the time, it was the only hotel in India to have electricity.

    The company became the fifth largest steel company in the world.

    After his death, the Indian Institute of Science was also opened. His sons later succeeded him in leading the Tata Group.

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