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Numerology Home. All About Numerology. Core Numbers. Life Path Number. Life Cycles. Personal Years. Changing Your Name? Personal Numerology Report Compatibility Report. All Essential Oils List. Community Home. Thank you. I guess the prince of heaven-the sun tarot card. I mean it! I was told I was a month early.

I was suppose to be born in July but was born June 15, at am. I compared the list of personality traits of the different character types against myself and two other family members and I have to say the descriptions are bang on. Very interesting. I'm sorry, but I call bullshit on this. I am supposedly 3, my birthday is the 21st. I've dated two in my life and they both remained my best friends for years after ending the relationship.

My "lucky" day is Thursday you say? My pup was killed by another vicious dog on a Thursday. I understand a lot of this is exaggerated. Except maybe the "cute bum".

Numerology Birthday Number 1

I won best butt in high school and at age 50 it still remains a pretty nice one! My name is kummara venkateswarlu. Really an awesome hub. My birth number is 7 and found most of the things very true about the traits of mine personality. This is interesting.

I looked for my number, 22, but could not find the interpretation. Still, I think this is fun. Thank you and will share. We want to do pooja for house. I'm a Sagittarian and thanks for your comments - keeping things 'tongue in cheek' is my motto-. I am a number 3 but disagree with most of the characteristics when comparing them to myself.

Nonetheless this is a good summary I am a number 8 and so much of what you say is true.

Do Your Own Numerology: your Birthday number

Thank you for this very interesting article on birth numerology. Up, interesting, useful and shared.

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Thomas Muldoon more. Birth Number One. Birth Number Two. Birth Number Three. Birth Number Four. Birth Number Five. Birth Number Six. Birth Number Seven.

Every path has primary and secondary influences

Birth Number Eight. Birth Number Nine. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. My daguther twins baby Is my name is okay or do I have to add or subtract any letter. My number is 4 but it does not match. I am in air force base. Sir My date of birth Hai sir my daughter dob 4. Hi, I am number 7 my birth day is 16th September I guess the prince of heaven-the sun tarot card most to least favourable: I am born on 4th april..

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Can you please tell me about my astrology? My dob is Staying in bangalore North. My name sivanagaraju don't. How did you know Thursday is my lucky day of the week and I'm a Sagittarius?

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This is used to collect data on traffic to articles and other pages on our site. Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized. Numerology is also a great tool for making sense of recurring digits. Numerical repetition and synchronicity have been observed for thousands of years. Chaldean numerology is based on ancient Babylonian practices, and Kabbalistic studies of Jewish mysticism explore recurring digits within the Old Testament.

In fact, many occultists believe that the appearance of is connected to the tetragrammaton — the unpronounceable four-letter name for the God of Israel. Numerology is an awesome companion to astrology — it helps clarify the sign by providing additional nuance. The numerology most frequently practiced today is based on the teachings of the ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras.

Pythagoras was a brilliant mathematician, but he wasn't just interested in quantitative solutions. He believed that the physical world was comprised of the energetic vibrations of numbers, and developed a system that corresponded letters with integers. His practice was a study of numerical interconnectivity. All it takes to start uncovering the mystical properties of numbers is a pen, paper, and some simple arithmetic or the nearest calculator.

The easiest way to start working with numerology is by analyzing your unique date of birth. Numerology is all about getting to the root number. To do this, you simply reduce digits until you reach a single-digit number, excluding 11 and 22, which are considered Master Numbers more on this later. This single digit is your individual Life Path Number. The Life Path Number is similar to your astrological sun sign : It reveals your greater purpose, including strengths, weaknesses, talents, and ambitions.

Your Life Path Number also exposes the tone of your experiences, and why events occur past, present, and future. Simply put, it's the method to the madness. Let's say your birthday is December 15, To calculate your Life Path Number, you will reduce each component of this date to a single digit:. This equal If you were born on December 15, , your Life Path Number is 3. It may seem daunting at first, but once you see it all written out this way, it becomes far less intimidating, no? As mentioned above, the only time you would not reduce the final number is if you attain 11 or These are considered Master Numbers and connote a more intensified version of their root numbers 2 and 4, respectively.

Master Numbers suggest a high degree for learning, achievement, or success, but likely in a more stressful or high-pressure environment. Rather than simplify this to a single digit yielding 4 , the number 22 reflects the Master Number — the higher-octane iteration of 4, revealing McCartney's strong "life mission. You can also use numerology to derive the root number of names or words — this is where our ancient buddy Pythagoras lends a hand. According to his theories, certain letters have specific numerical values, which are as follows:.

To find your Destiny Number, calculate the root number of your full name first, middle, last by reducing each name to a single digit, and adding up the total.

numerology for date of birth 1 Numerology for date of birth 1
numerology for date of birth 1 Numerology for date of birth 1
numerology for date of birth 1 Numerology for date of birth 1
numerology for date of birth 1 Numerology for date of birth 1
numerology for date of birth 1 Numerology for date of birth 1
numerology for date of birth 1 Numerology for date of birth 1
numerology for date of birth 1 Numerology for date of birth 1
numerology for date of birth 1 Numerology for date of birth 1

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