Village voice horoscope january 4 2020

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Captains Volleyball bounces back with two conference wins after loss to Stockton University to keep their undefeated record in conference play This last week, Captains Volleyball faced both Southern Virginia University Oct. The Captains have already faced both of these…. Bursting with positivity and a strong presence…. It is that time of year again: Stroll season. It is Stroll to the Polls. Need some help planning some cute fall dates? What are some of the best dates to go on during the fall…. Mat Lavore is a magician, mind reader and hypnotist all in one.

As a member of the audience, I was chosen to go up on the stage…. Eat some of these tried-and-true comfort foods to always feel right at home This is the complete, definitive top five ranking of homemade comfort foods. Take this list and use it to devise all of your fall comfort meals. There is no better way to decide what to eat than reading this list. The best….

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Climate anxiety is a real phenomenon and understanding it is crucial Understanding climate change is a crucial step in acting towards effective personal, social and institutional changes, but taking the time to read the climate-related studies can be emotionally draining and sufficiently depressing, to be frank. How do we reconcile the need to read the…. Both are role-playing games where its players inhabit fictional roles with the ultimate goal of achieving an intangible prize.

You can become…. Everywhere you turn, there is a table of people with organizations who primary goal is to get students registered to vote. They are the ones we…. As humans, we used to actually go out to the movies…. Culture in Motion provided a glimpse into a different cultural experience as students were able to witness traditional Chinese ethnic arts in practice….

The campus currently has three NPHC organizations with charters. One of the organizations within the Divine Nine is a colony of the College of…. There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that people do not necessarily know about. A few months ago a new Assistant Director of Greek Life started,….

The annual festival turned Newport News Park into a pumpkin-filled paradise The sweet scent of freshly popped kettle corn drifted through the crisp October air. The sound of children laughing and running to catch up with their families rang out through the park as the autumn breeze whistled softly through the trees. Winding paths through…. The Center for Career Planning puts on its semi-annual graduate school fair Last Wednesday, another fair took place here at Christopher Newport University. In years past this has been at the same time as the Career Fair, but this year they decided to make….

With an early conference lead on the line for both sides, the Captains came out with two wins and a cumulative score of on…. The play focuses on ethical dilemmas in terms of scientific research throughout the timeline of humankind. Set between two different time periods…. Poke Surf serves poke bowls, traditional Hawaiian cuisine full of nourishing values and healthy ingredients.

Vendors and delicious food trucks are set up to give the students a nice study break every Thursday. Walking through this market is so peaceful, especially listening to the live music in the background while shopping. The vendors consist…. What makes Glossier such a popular brand within our generation? With just a little bit of makeup, girls and guys alike…. Several Fridays ago, on Sept. Secondly, this…. While there were opposing views on stage, there is common ground in that their goal is to defeat President Trump in….

With one of the easiest schedules in the NFL, a season is definitely possible The Patriots have always gotten off easy when it comes to regular season games. All three teams have been bad for as long as the Patriots…. Oliver Hill Jr. While many people today think of slavery and the Civil Rights Movement as things of the past, events to study and….

If you are not registered to vote already, then you must register before Oct. Not to mention, the presidential election is just around…. Yorktown coffee house serves local blends with a taste of Virginia history Nestled in the heart of historic downtown Yorktown, just minutes from the waterfront and about a 30 minute drive from Christopher Newport, is Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters, LLC. It consists…. Many students attended the career fair hosting 52 different organizations This past Wednesday, the Fall Career Fair took place from p.

Students of all years attended to learn about internships and jobs and to network with professionals. This year, 52 different organizations were registered to attend…. Prior to this match, it had been three weeks since a game had been decided by the end of regulation. Despite a shorter game than…. CNU was one of only 22 universities public and private to earn such a high grade. The university was the….

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Cook puts four goals away during route against the York Pa. Spartans People often spend their whole careers trying to break records, but it took 19 Riley Cook just 51 games to do that…again. This time she took down two more records in a single game. Both the records for most career goals in program…. Set between two different time periods of and , the play will follow two families that are compelled to gain scientific achievement but through an…. The collection of jazzy-psych pop songs with layered instrumentation results in a fun and quirky album Ok, so, that title may not sound too appealing to the general audience, but that is genuinely the most specific you can get when describing this album.

And it is beautiful. This album has been, for two and a….

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The raved about Cartoon Network series delivers its first musical TV movie, but is it what the fans deserved? Out of every show that I have been a fan of, Steven Universe has been by far the most conflicting in terms of my opinion on it. Fall is the time to cuddle up with a soft blanket, your favorite Netflix show and a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand. Alternative pop music artist Melanie Martinez is back with her second album, K, which was released on September 6.

Not only did fans receive a new roster of stunning songs, but they were also treated to an entire hour and a half movie which included the whole album. A myriad of different crops line the plots in neat rows. The area is fenced off and somewhat secluded,…. But when fall rolls around and with it, football season , I find myself needing to swear…. Aries and Libras are polarities.


With your sign more self-focused and the Libra more partner-focused, you may find some conflicts this season between your love for independence and the relationships in your life. Take these…. The event began at upstairs in the David Student Union. Students attended breakout sessions ranging in topics from how to hold yourself at business…. The organization is highly respected in the engineering field. Born on September 25, , Will Smith has graced both the big screen and the small screen, becoming a multi-generational rapper with pop appeal in the process.

With extensive…. Each organization represents a different philanthropy and…. All the proceeds from this event go towards their national and local…. Herzog followed an unconventional path into the Captains defense Football is more than just a fantasy this season for junior 15 Jake Herzog, who was recruited to Captains football just last semester. Herzog was asked to join the team after student coaches and players witnessed his skills on the flag football field with his team…. The Captains had gone into overtime in each of their previous three contests,….

Would you know what to do if you were faced with hazing? Do you know the signs of hazing? Would you feel comfortable enough to discuss the issue of hazing on our campus? Be sure to have these staples in your wardrobe this season Fall is fast approaching. Christopher Newport granted the field hockey and lacrosse teams with a brand new turf field.

The new field has…. Eliminate the temptations…. Moulin Rouge! The musical is about Christian, a composer, and Satine, an actress, falling in love while putting on a show in the Moulin Rouge for the villainous…. Captains unleash an unstoppable flurry of goals, scoring 11 against Monarchs Inspired by Family Weekend, the Captains offense racked up 11 goals against visiting Methodist University. The goals came early and came often, with 17 Sydney Rife starting the scoring less than seven minutes into the contest, converting on a second chance opportunity off corner…. This year brought many changes to the cherished Club Fair.

Were they bad? While this appears to be an eloquent description for a prestigious award, the Heisman Trophy has…. Many students here at CNU choose to study abroad, whether they do a semester program or a short spring break or summer program. It is something…. You might start feeling less motivated and more antsy in the coming weeks, but try not to fall out of schedule. Between due dates and coffee dates, meetings and assignments, it frequently seems as if it is impossible to….

Busch receives an inaugural endowed professorship in American Studies Dr. Nathan Busch in Take an inside look at what this unique event had to offer Before coming to the event, I honestly felt tense due to the fact I was planning to attend an event on reproductive health. I have always felt that my reproductive health was a nature not to be discussed in public due to my…. Many different regions are feeling the aftermath of the most recent natural disaster As Dorian grew rapidly, stalled in the Bahamas and swept up the East Coast, it left some devastating and life-changing marks in its aftermath.

Like what most storms that turn into…. The novel follows about eighteen months in the life of a woman who attempts to sleep as much as possible for…. Heuvel awarded grant for work on legacy of Mayflower and the Plymouth colony The National Endowment for the Humanities NEH recently awarded a grant to a teacher institute dealing with the legacy of the Mayflower landing and the Plymouth colony. As many people went to work and dropped their children off at school, no one could anticipate what would happen next. The Cardinals offense proves to be too strong for the Captains defense After all the pomp and circumstance of Hurricane Dorian and how it missed hitting us, the Football team had their home opener, and had a tough time dealing with the Cardinals of North Central Ill.

Stat lines show that…. While freshmen do not have to worry about housing because the university handles room assignments, for second year students and beyond, the responsibility is…. In a world full of complainers, I am here to tell them to shut up Everyone hates that one kid in class that never stops complaining.

You know who they are; they always sit beside you,…. Well, on September 3 the students at Christopher Newport got a chance to find that out. A group of highly esteemed professors, doctors and archeologists gathered in the David…. People who work behind the scenes for athletics deserve more recognition then they tend to recieve on gameday Everyone is always celebrating athletes, as they should. Athletes work hard. They train in their free time, practice every day and give it their all during games. The Captains took down another top 10 opponent over the weekend The Captains Field Hockey program looked to continue their season with another strong showing against their third top 10 ranked opposition just four games into the season.

The school also won an accolade for quality…. Pennywise is back for the reunion. Are you? The wait is over. Students wear blue and meet in the…. In the digital age, where a week is a lifetime, is it even possible for someone whose career began more than ten years ago to stay famous? For Taylor Swift, the answer is a resounding yes. Bitecofer selected to be one of the political analysts for election With the election approaching quickly, the news cycle has been dominated by the examination of candidates and their platforms by political analysts from across the country.

Rachel Bitecofer. Chosen by…. Construction on campus continues into the new school year at Christopher Newport University. With cranes outside the library, cement mixers behind CNU Village and Gosnold Hall just disappearing in the span of a few days, there are plenty of changes coming to campus, and soon. Here are some updates on the four major construction projects…. Freshman dorm building PONO floods with water in first week Welcome Week is one of the most exhausting and exciting weeks of freshman year. Everywhere you turn, there are new faces, new experiences and new informational sessions you are forced to attend.

For the residents of Potomac North, however, the excitement…. Reza Espahodi. This will…. This opportunity, for me personally, has been one of…. Give me back my Labor Day What a sham. I am real life upset about not getting Labor Day off from class. Labor Day is supposed to be a celebration of the labor movement. PSA from a student and Calculus Assistant I recently became a Calculus Assistant, and two of the largest portions of my job are to hold office hours and to grade homework.

I have yet to have a person show up to my office hours. For me, this is fine. I have my own homework to…. This past weekend, the Freeman Center was the host for the annual Captains Classic volleyball tournament. The action kicked off with the Captains playing against….

Freshman, defense show up big for new coach Chezem New Season? New Coach? Winning games? Check and double check. The team, sporting new jerseys and…. The Captains have a new name over their football stadium, how will this affect the Christopher Newport community? To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, there are two things guaranteed in life: death and sponsorship deals.

Christopher Newport University is good at one of the two things mentioned above. Recently, the formerly…. The news came as the result of a failed agreement brokered between Sony and Disney, the two companies…. Dining Services launch new reusable to-go containers A new school year typically brings about new changes. New classes, new professors and new activities. Reusable to-go containers are now available for students to use at both Regattas and the Commons dining…. We all are. At time of writing, the change.

Recaps of the top news stories that happened last week from across the globe Netanyahu hopeful to win Israel election With all votes nearly counted in a hotly contested race, Benjamin Netanyahu looks all but certain to secure a fifth term as the Prime Minister of Israel. He is one of only 13 faculty members from more…. From a student petition with hundreds of signatures to the outcry on social media, the chief reasons cited for disapproving in the…. For many, this comes as no surprise. I frequently push the deadline with the paper.

Waiting and marinating on stories until the last possible minute, I want…. Softball improves to after matchup with York Pa. Both games were extremely close and were won off the home run efforts of each team. The first game looked gloomy for the…. Tiger Woods costs bookkeepers millions Tiger Woods is officially back. It took nearly eleven years for him to do it, but he has won another major tournament in the Masters. This meant big wins for anyone betting on Woods to win the Masters, and several betting companies had big losses.

The last time…. The Captains were also celebrating the four seniors on the team and everything that they have contributed over the last four years. The status of the game was questionable at first, due…. This weekend, I found myself in a crisis.

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Luckily, it was a Cold War Model United Nations crisis simulation, with no real implications for my future college life. Eleven years of the MCU and 21 films have all been building up to this epic creation. The amount of hype surrounding the movie is insane,…. Jealousy is around the corner.

Stay away from insecurity and…. New burger place on J. Not Latino Exclusive. Everyone is welcomed! Steve Kast, the current president…. Participants marched across CNU grounds in solidarity…. Caputova, who had no prior political experience, defeated well-known diplomat Maros Sefcovic, winning…. During this special meeting, Christopher Newport University President Paul Trible recommended a tuition freeze for the incoming freshmen class of as…. This past fall, the theme of…. How to be an eco-friendly beach-goer this year Hampton Roads, situated between the James and York Rivers on the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, is full of many beautiful beaches, including those that are local, preserved, and more commercial.

As an avid beach-goer myself, I absolutely love taking day trips to the various beaches in…. These accounts are advertisements, like the commercials people skip with TiVo or the banner…. Conversations surrounding representation are too hostile Colleges are meant to be places of openness and expression. You are meant to find yourself and strengthen your voice. However, nowadays, saying your opinions paints a red X on your head.

With the media, anything you tweet, post, upload and Instagram, will be found offensive by someone. There is a lingering question as to why someone who is the same age as us or in my case, younger …. The seniors put on a show for Senior Day with the pep band rallying behind…. Capitals enter NHL playoffs as division champions After butting heads with the New York Islanders for the Metropolitan division title for the past few weeks, the Washington Capitals finally secured it on Thursday night with a win against the Montreal Canadiens.

The game itself had a postseason feel since both the Capitals and the…. The Captains beat Salisbury and claim the solo top spot in the CAC Number one in the nation, and now holding the top spot in the CAC by themselves, the Captains baseball team has built a solid foundation heading into the end of the season. The baseball team has had some varying levels of competition…. Using this notion, networks and creators with visionary ambitions have yielded major profits.

Themed for a daycation, beachy vibe, floral decorations greeted audience-members as they filed in…. Now and again, you can adapt more with the assistance of an instructor who can intuit your needs. Take a class in any aspect of health…. With finals week fast approaching, here are some practical and productive tips There is a singular truth that all college students agree on —you will have an all-nighter at least once in your college career.

Here is your horoscope for January 4, 12222

Warm weather has finally made its way to Virginia—enjoy it at some nearby beaches Grandview Nature Preserve, Hampton: This was the first beach I visited when I first moved to CNU, and it has had my heart since. Last week the updated Division III rankings came out for collegiate baseball and softball and they moved into the first place spot. This is a huge honor for both teams and is well deserved as they are both sitting comfortably….

Week to include tabling, raffle, panel, volunteering and more Housing—although it may be a word that causes CNU students frustration, there is a larger conversation going on about housing in Hampton Roads. Habitat for Humanity is at the forefront of that conversation. This week marks a national advocacy program for Habitat for Humanity, called Act! Recaps of the top news stories that happened last week from across the globe Mueller Investigation Concludes Following a 22 month-long investigation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded his inquiry into whether the Trump campaign or Trump associates conspired with Russia during the election.

They have produced a photo series for Hispanic Heritage Month…. President Trible to propose a tuition freeze for all incoming and current students in special BOV meeting, Board will make final decision Friday On Friday, April 5, the Executive Committee of the Board of Visitors will hold a special meeting.

During this meeting, President Paul Trible will recommend a tuition freeze for the incoming freshmen…. As a campus minister, I have this conversation with students every week. Though beside the comedy is something very serious—you are miserable. You believe….

As a presenter, a volunteer and a guest, I was able to listen and learn as multiple inspiring men and women from all over the globe. The housing lottery was poorly planned March 20, By 10 a. By p. Coming into this game, the Captains were on a two game hot streak while outscoring opponents 31 to However, continuing that streak would…. Despite both teams coming off a loss to Mary Washington just one day prior, neither team let…. Also November 5, Alumni Hall, New Bolton Center.

The Gift of Feedback ; p. HR: Work-life Workshops Open to faculty and staff; free. Morris Arboretum Info: morrisarboretum. Annenberg Center Tickets and info: www. Penn Music Department Info: www. World Cafe Live Performances daily. On Stage.

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Annenberg Center Tickets and info: annenbergcenter. RSVP: wh writing. Speakeasy Open Mic Night ; p. Penn Book Center Info: www. Special Events. Brown ; 1 p. Volleyball vs. Harvard ; 7 p. W Basketball vs. Siena ; noon. Field Hockey vs. Princeton ; noon. Football vs. Cornell ; p. W Soccer vs. Princeton ; 4 p. W Volleyball vs. Dartmouth ; 5 p. M Soccer vs. Princeton ; 7 p. La Salle ; 7 p. Villanova ; 5 p. Brown ; noon. Dickinson ; 2 p. Iona ; 1 p. Stanford ; 1 p. Princeton ; 1 p. SummerCulture ; noon; rm. Though whatever you do, try not to give in to judging yourself harshly.

You might find yourself in the mood to take a life-changing trip, and you could start the planning today. Even if travel is not currently in your plans, you'll do well to look towards activities and education that can push you out of your comfort zone. Time to learn something new. You might find yourself in your feelings today, perhaps where it may pertain to a friendship or an intimate relationship. However, instead of ignoring what you feel and trying to push it aside, it may be best to confront the situation head on.

That's how you reclaim your power. A professional relationship may get under your skin today, but it could be the push you need to move on to something better. At the same time, don't be afraid to exercise your boundaries and give someone push-back where necessary.

It's time for a tough conversation. You might have a lot on your to-do list for today, but be mindful of trying to do too much all at once. Giving yourself extra work to do may mean giving yourself some unnecessary stress, and the goal for right now is to establish healthier habits. Prioritize what's important. You're reminded not to play yourself small today, especially where your talents are concerned. You may be giving away too much for too little which could leave you burnt out and and upset in the end. In matters of the heart, it's time to start breaking old patterns in love and romance.

village voice horoscope january 4 2020 Village voice horoscope january 4 2020
village voice horoscope january 4 2020 Village voice horoscope january 4 2020
village voice horoscope january 4 2020 Village voice horoscope january 4 2020
village voice horoscope january 4 2020 Village voice horoscope january 4 2020
village voice horoscope january 4 2020 Village voice horoscope january 4 2020
village voice horoscope january 4 2020 Village voice horoscope january 4 2020
village voice horoscope january 4 2020 Village voice horoscope january 4 2020
village voice horoscope january 4 2020 Village voice horoscope january 4 2020
Village voice horoscope january 4 2020

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